Business Development Service

Business Development

Our Business Development programs take the short-term rental business to another level.  From the planning stages to the actual execution of more complex or bigger portfolios, we manage every possible aspect.  Some of our clients include investors willing to explore the short-term rental industry and seek an operational partner capable of delivering from the actual purchasing of the property or properties to the listing, management, and operations.  Other profile of clients also includes owners of buildings or multiple properties that are currently under traditional rental models and want to merge into short-term.  Finally, we also operate with developers, interested in building a multi-property portfolio, by constructing or renovating properties and developing a solid operational model.

Investor Services

We act as a bridge between potential investors and developers, in order to design and execute multi-unit short-term rental models.  From the financial strategy behind every project to the actual execution of every project using a realistic forecast, our programs are designed to offer transparency and realistic business models.

Real Estate Products

From existing residential buildings or hotels for sale, YourHome Hospitality identifies ideal opportunities for new short-term rental developments.  Our ultimate goal is to secure properties that meet the right criteria to become profitable.  We get involved from the actual selection of the property to the purchase and negotiations.

Business Model Development

We design business models from scratch. From the selection of the property to a suggested layout and architecture, and all the way to the staging and property management.  We offer a full-scale service and partner up with our clients to make sure all aspects of a successful business are covered.  Our team of financial specialists, our realtors and our account managers all get involved in every project to deliver a professional business model, capable of becoming profitable from the moment they are ready to operate.


When we buy existing properties that require remodeling or partial construction, we assign a project manager that will supervise the entire process.  We work with the same GC’s and remodeling companies for over a decade now, and they continue to delivery professionally and in a timely manner all the projects.

Property Management

Each property is professionally managed by an agent. Agents supervise all operations including maintenance and repairs, house cleaning, key exchange, and most importantly the billing and payment processes.  Our system relies on all the information we may have on the property and on the actual location of the property.  This information is used to make sure we can prevent any damages, we can react in a timely manner to any possible emergency or request from the guests, and most importantly to put together the ideal crew that will guarantee all aspects involved in the maintenance and care of the property.  On the other side, we operate with all the necessary tools, to manage all the financials and all the communications with the clients (Property Owners) and with the guests.

Construction & Development

When required we supervise the construction process for our investors or even take care of the entire construction and development process. We work with some of the most reputable GC’s and Architects, specializing in developing functional short-term rental properties.