REAL ESTATE DEVELOPERSDesigning real estate projects around the professional short-term rental business model.

When we work with Real Estate Developers we are basically partnering up as an operational and consulting partner in a new business model.  We evaluate what their goals, expectations, investment, and additional contributions to an existing model are, so we can then generate a business plan.  Our involvement includes the research of potential property in which the property or properties will be located.  They must meet the criteria of zoning and location.  Once we secure this, we then proceed to the actual design of the project, both from the architectural perspective as well as from the actual operational perspective.
If the developers are leading the actual construction and development of the property or properties, our participation will only take place once the structure is finished and it is time to get involved in the actual details, the decoration, and the actual management of the spaces in the property.  We are capable to lead the actual construction process with our GC’s and Architects.


The Business Model
The business model when we operate with Developers is a little different than our traditional scenarios.  It is based on longer terms and in most cases is based on a partnership model.  Our contribution will be on the actual operations and setup of the property, so it can effectively operate as a short-term rental location.  Our expertise in the hospitality industry as well as on property management will allow us to deliver immediate results that will contribute to a faster Return on Investment for the developers as well as for a profitable scenario for the partners.  In such cases, the percentages and fees are negotiated separately and the programs are designed differently.
What Exactly Do We Do?
Our programs are based on a full management operation model.  We take care from acquiring the ideal marketing tools to develop an effective listing in each of the most relevant platforms, to the development of a dynamic pricing system, the management, and operations of the property, supervision of cleaning and maintenance services, along with all the individual services described on each of the programs.

We Work With All the Major Short-Term Rental Platforms.

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