SINGLE PROPERTY CLIENTSTransforming your single residential property into a profitable business.

Some of the most common clients with a single property account are in the process of exploring short-term rentals as an additional source of income, with the vision of expanding into a multi-property model and making a profitable business out of it.  Most properties are exclusively available to be rented and are owners do not reside full time in it.  Some of the properties are located in a vacation destination and have been staged to host comfortably guests all year long.  Other profiles of clients have existing vacation homes that they can enjoy a few weeks per year, but in order to maintain it productive the remaining weeks per year, they list it in short-term rental platforms or want to do so.  Third,  we have clients that want to start from scratch in the short-term rental business and are looking to buy a property, stage it and list it using our business model.  YourHome Hospitality does not accept properties with tenants or that are currently resided by their owners, nor we list partial sections of an existing home, which is a very common option available in the short-term rental platforms.


What Are the Requirements and How Much Will it Cost?
Once we receive the initial application, we proceed to evaluate the property and determine if it meets all the requirements.  Some of the factors include location, the layout of the property, and the zoning.  If all of this factors are met, we then proceed to an inspection and a personal meeting with one of our agents.  During that visit, we will then evaluate if the property requires staging, or remodeling or the purchase of some basic amenities that will guarantee a greater experience for the guests.  When working with a recently purchased home that is not yet furnished, we involve ourselves even more.
YourHome Hospitality has two available programs for the management and listing services, which are based on a 20% and 25% commission per booking.  Other additional services are billed upon inquiry, including the staging services, remodeling, renovations, initial cleanings, photography, etc.
What Exactly Do We Do?
Our programs are based on a full management operation model.  We take care from acquiring the ideal marketing tools to develop an effective listing in each of the most relevant platforms, to the development of a dynamic pricing system, the management, and operations of the property, supervision of cleaning and maintenance services, along with all the individual services described on each of the programs.

We Work With All the Major Short-Term Rental Platforms.

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