Standard Account Management Program

Standard Program

Our standard program takes care of all the aspects involved in the short-term rental business.  For single property accounts, YourHome Hospitality has assigned innumerable resources to develop the ideal system that will allow our clients turn a great opportunity into a great business model, with the possibility to expand and even turn it into a multi-home business model.  For clients with more than 2 properties, including those building owners who decided to turn an existing residential building into a vacation rental property, the system provides them with all the necessary tools to supervise the performance of each individual unit, while continuing to seek an optimal performance of the entire model.  The standard program requires an initial listing fee of $300 Dollars.  
Some of the tasks and services included on the program are: Professional Listing of the property, advertising & marketing using professional resources, communicating with the guests, managing each individual booking, supervision of the professional photography, legal and financial tasks, billing and payment processes, verifying the guests prior to each arrival, dynamic pricing management, key exchange and walk through, exit cleaning and housekeeping, Maintenance and repairs of the property, discounts for guests, inspection of the house after every guest, managing any potential claims, restocking the property with basic supplies and Insurance policies for short term & long term if desired, otherwise major short-term rental platforms include a 1 million dollar insurance.

Market Analysis

Our team evaluates the market in which the property is located using the most updated data offered, along with real-life factors offered by different platforms.  The research will determine potential occupancy rates, along with the ideal marketing required and the ideal pricing.  YourHome Hospitality is completely transparent with every property that applies and will provide a realistic scenario to the owners, that will determine if the property meets the criteria that short-term rental properties require to succeed.

Professional Listing

Each listing is professionally uploaded on all the major platforms. We rely on the marketing tools and information obtained from the market analysis, to develop listings that will guarantee higher occupancy rates.  Once the property is certified by our team to meet such criteria, we will work with the team that will develop a professional listing of all the most relevant short-term rental platforms.  Listings rely on great photography, excellent description of the property and usage of all the existing tools provided by each site.  Once the listing is active, we will rely on the guest experience to provide us with their the best possible review.

Account Management

Each property is professionally managed by an agent. Agents supervise all operations including maintenance and repairs, house cleaning, key exchange, and most importantly the billing and payment processes.  Our system relies on all the information we may have on the property and on the actual location of the property.  This information is used to make sure we can prevent any damages, we can react in a timely manner to any possible emergency or request from the guests, and most importantly to put together the ideal crew that will guarantee all aspects involved in the maintenance and care of the property.  On the other side, we operate with all the necessary tools, to manage all the financials and all the communications with the clients (Property Owners) and with the guests.

Dynamic Pricing

Pricing is one of the most important factors for the success of a short-term rental. Using the necessary digital tools will allow us to set the right price to maximize revenue while maintaining higher occupancy rates.  The right price is achieved taking into considerations factors such as demand for properties on any given day of the year, the condition of the house compared to any direct competitor, special events close to the property on any given week, and the amenities offered by our listing.

Online Access

All of our clients will be able to access their account online anywhere any time. They will be able to check their financial statements and rental history by accessing their accounts through their computers or phones.  This gives them the peace of mind to see the performance of each property individually as well as the entire portfolio.  The online access also gives both the property owners and guests several tools like document uploads, payments, and online scheduling of additional services.

Guest Relations

From the moment a guest starts inquiring about the property, the check-in, their full stay and even after their check-out, our property manager will make sure they are always satisfied.  We understand how important their final review is, and that’s why we always go the extra mile to make sure they feel they have support 24/7 on their stay.


We pride ourselves on providing excellent housekeeping services for all our properties. It is essential for the guest experience as it will determine the condition in which every guest will find the property.  Taking into consideration our experience in hotel operations, we have developed a professional training program for all of our housekeepers and independent contractors operating in our properties. A very specific check-list specifically designed for every property is also created to guarantee that all the small details are not excluded.  From extra towels and clean sheets to luxury items for the bathroom and personal hygiene. Every single detail is guaranteed.

Maintenance & Repairs

A fully functional property with no damages (Visible or not), is part of our pledge to all our guests. Our team of handymen and service providers is available 24/7 to fix or maintain the property fully operational.  We offer periodic maintenance services for each property and act always in a preventive way, in order to reduce any potential emergency damage while the guests are present in the property.

Local Freebies

Every tourist or visitor enjoys great customer service anywhere they go. Our relationships with South Florida venues allow us to offer guests with freebies and discounts in different spots in town.  From restaurants, bars and nightclubs to car and boat rentals, we have discounts and freebies available on all of our properties.